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Remaster your music* to 8fS PCM 352.8/384kHz with Bit Depth, Compression and PGGB configuration settings as above. Number of taps used is dependent on track duration. Price based on track duration rounded to the nearest minute.

DACs supporting this sample rate:

  • dCS Vivaldi
  • PS Audio Directstream
  • Mytek Brooklyn
  • Exasound e62
  • Topping D10s
  • Many other USB/COAX/I2S DACs

* Up to a maximum of 4 tracks per service.

 Track duration v. number of taps:

00:05:33128 million (PCM), ~512 million (DSF)
00:11:07256 million (PCM), ~1024 millon (DSF)
00:22:13512 million (PCM), ~2048 millon (DSF)
00:44:271024 million (PCM)

Remaster to 8fS @ 512M / P64

  • Product Code: 8fs-512
  • $0.80 per minute + taxes

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