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Upgrade a trial version of PGGB-RT to full functionality:

  • One billion taps maximum (actual maximum taps is limited by sample rate, resampling ratio, track duration and system memory)
  • Resample up to 64fS
  • Ultra-Long Windowed Sinc Filters
  • High Precision 64/80-bit processing
  • Intel IPP/AVX-512 acceleration for maximum performance
  • Adaptive Noise Shaping with Ultra-Low Quantization Noise
  • Equalization - Optimized Convolution Filtering
  • Intersample Overs - Optimized Adjustment
  • Options: Presentation, Transparency, HF filtering, Volume(ReplayGain), Cores, Apodizing
  • E-mail notification of future updates
  • 64bit Windows 10 PC, Minimum of 8GB of RAM and 4 core processor. 16GB RAM recommended

Enter your hardware id (from the PGGB-RT configuration page), make payment and download the license (text) file. A PGGB-RT full license entitles you to a $100 discount off PGGB Desktop.

Download links:

PGGB-RT Upgrade

  • Product Code: RT-Upgrade
  • $135.00 + taxes

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